Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Another short post because only my non-dominant fingers are free for typing so far.  According to the surgeon, my torn rotator cuff was right out of the textbooks -- a clean, through and through tear, cleaned up and anchored to the bone with four screws.  More challenging, he explained, was my bicep,  which was shredded and pulled clear out of the channel where it belonged.  That, he said, had been responsible for most of my pain and will take some time to heal.  He also removed a large bone spur.   He gave me a stack of photos and, although I have little idea what they are, I find them fascinating. Apparently the white ends are of muscle and the photos of bloody holes were torn rotator cuff -- I'll spare you those!   The shredded muscle reminds me of ice caves one might find in a sci-fi movie.

I am using a lot less pain medication than I had expected but still spending way more time dozing than I had hoped.  Although I don't feel terrible, I don't feel great, either, and I am very tired.  My blog can rest with me until I have either more news or more mobility.   See you later!


Barbara said...

Interesting photo. I was given a video of one of my shoulder surgeries. I just find the whole idea of photography for surgery fascinating. The pain meds always make me feel terrible.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Oh Good Grief Gail, I am praying for you and a quick recovery. My husband shredded his rotator cuff many years ago but yours actually sounds worse. Are you doing physical therapy at some point?