Thursday, May 7, 2020

May Flowers -- And Birds

I am glad that I posted a photo of our tulip in my last entry, because someone -- squirrels? -- at the flowers clean off the stems within a day or two after I took the picture.   I can hardly blame them, they DID look good enough to eat!  

I decided to test my arm when we had our first warm day, and raked a small area -- perhaps a ten foot square -- that was matted with autumn leaves.   There were a lot of them, and they created a large pile, filling one of the large yard waste bins that our city provides.   The next day my arm felt fine and I was pretty happy with the experiment, but my arm has been painful ever since, which might or might not be connected.   It is annoyingly hard to tell, especially since I've been lax with my exercises lately.   To be safe, I called a landscape company and they have promised to come out when they can and rake up the rest of last autumn's mess.  They were supposed to clean the yard before my surgery, but first the snow and then the quarantine prevented it.   I hope they are able to get it done now,  if they are able to do it safely.  Our roofer called today, too, to say that they will be starting construction soon.   They and other workers are being told by our Governor that they can begin work again, but none of us know whether it is safe for them to do so. It is, at its core, a social experiment.   I think they need to stay home, but they think they need the work.  Selfishly I have to admit that I would be glad to have the work done although if, as we fear, another wave of illness hits, our roof and leaves won't really matter.

We feel so grateful these days.   We do not like being told to stay home (and away from family) any more than anyone else.  But we have a lovely place to stay home in.  We continue to discover the plants in our yard.  We have several large bleeding heart plants, which I expect will be huge before the summer is over.   We have a nice bed of trillium, and a scattering of forget-me-nots and spring beauties.    I love finding woodsy little surprises in our lawn.   I cannot imagine why so many people around here use weed killer to prevent them.

We are still seeing deer almost daily, although the trees are beginning to leaf out and that will make them harder to see.  And we have a raccoon who saunters down our fence line,  using it as a highway, every few days.

I saw a female wood duck up in a tree this week, at least 30 feet up, and was surprised to learn that she could be nesting there.   I cannot imagine how chicks survive the trip down, but apparently they do, so we are hoping that she will decide to raise her family here.  She and her fella have been frequent visitors this spring, along with mallards and Canada geese.    We've watched a Robin setting up housekeeping in one of our clematis plants, and look forward to seeing her family progress.  And we've already had a hummingbird checking out our nectar feeder, the earliest we've ever seen one!

I am finally sewing a little more regularly, and finished a star mat, about 21" across, to send to my husband's twin.  They are a (retired) career military family, so I was happy to find the Navy fabric.  I'm telling myself that quarantined hands should be busy hands so I hope to get a few more gifts done as time goes on.  My plan is to send them out as they are finished, for no particular reason.

Speaking of gifts, I was delighted to receive a "pay it forward" gift from my friend Barbara, and especially love that it has a little house in the embroidery!   I have been obsessed with house motifs during this quarantine time and have worked on little else.   It came with a "hug" token, which I love!  What a sweet addition.

In exchange for Barb's gift, I promised to make and give four 'pay it forward' gifts myself.   I noticed, from signs on their front lawns, that (at least) four neighborhood kids are graduating from high school during the quarantine, so I decided to gift them with little coasters and a note reminding them to stay home and stay safe.   I don't know any of them so I am not likely to ever hear whether they enjoyed their surprises, but at least my conscience is clear and I can enjoy Barb's gift without guilt!

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Barbara said...

What a sweet gift for your high school graduates. I feel badly for them not getting to have a ceremony this year. I hope they organize something later. I happen to believe it’s important to get to wear that cap and gown. Glad you like your little mug rug, and I’m with you in discovering the little weedy gifts. We have a fair amount of that here since our field is nothing but weeds...kept mowed, so it can pass as grass.