Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby steps

Switching the light bulbs really was inexcusably easy, and should have been done long ago. Maybe I should start giving family and friends compact fluorescent bulbs for their birthdays until they are all switched, too.

I am just starting to get better about reading food labels, trying to pay attention to how far my food has to travel. So last night I made another tiny change when I opened a bottle of California wine. (McManis Family Vineyards, cabernet sauvignon, 2005, surprisingly good at only $8.99) What do you think? Does this count as an environmental action? I figure that having it shipped from California is some improvement over the carbon-cost of the delicious wines I usually buy that are imported from France, Chile, Argentina and Australia . . . baby steps, right?

I’ve also been checking the number of miles I drive – my workplace is 15.6 miles (one way on a freeway) from home. I can’t walk or ride a bicycle to work because of the areas I need to travel though, but I will take this into account if I ever change jobs or homes. But my local drugstore and my aerobics class are each less than a mile from my house, and I am trying to commit to walking. I have been using a pedometer for the past several months so I know that I only walk an average of 2 ½ miles a day, so that extra mile and a half would be a huge commitment for me, and frankly, one that I dread. But the weather was so beautiful this weekend that I managed to walk to the local 7-Eleven for my morning paper, then realized that I should have read it on-line. I have so many bad habits to address!

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Snowbird said...

I love your blog. And thanks for viewing mine. I will be checking yours often.