Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sanibel Dreaming

This has been a terrible winter month for me, probably for everyone in Michigan. But this week was the worst so far. First I slipped on the ice while driving, bumped over a curb and got my car stuck, wheels spinning and screaming away. I had to wait until traffic cleared, put the car in gear, and PUSH until it slipped back onto the road. It wasn't graceful, but it got the job done. (Where ARE the manly men when you need them?)

Then, of course, I had to shovel my porch, sidewalks and driveway several times, to keep up with the repeated doses of several inches of snow. But my winter woes weren't over yet - on my last shoveling pass, I slipped on a patch of ice and fell hard. Thank goodness I was able to twist my head up and land first on my well padded rear end and my sorry ungloved hands before toppling over on my back. I rested for a few minutes and thought about Sanibel Island. Then I picked myself up and went inside for the traditional treatment, a couple of motrin and a big dish of ice cream. Gotta keep that fanny padded for my own protection. Yeah, I'm fine, but winter has lost me as an admirer forever.


Snowbird said...

Ouch!! I'm just glad that you are ok. Keep dreaming and hurry back down here.

Neptunesmuse said...

Think warm thoughts and search the internet for lodging in Sanibel.
Hopefully spring will arrive soon in Michigan.
It is in the low 80's on the east coast of Florida - probably mid-80's in Sanibel.
Remember - this cold weather will pass.
Take care,