Monday, July 13, 2009

My glass is half full

Clearly I've been cyber-window shopping a lot lately, but what I've actually been buying is groceries -- shelf stable food to send to my daughter in New Orleans. Although she is eligible for food stamps, she simply has not been able to get to the food stamp office to apply, a fact with no logical explanation, one of those hard-to-swallow pills I have finally gulped down. After trying all my best ideas - going there myself to take her to apply, offering to pay one of her friends to take her to apply, and sending transportation money - I have resigned myself to simply sending groceries.,

She has a little microwave, but nothing else, so my staples include lots of canned fruit, tuna, ramen cups, microwave soup, and other micro-meals that don't need refrigeration. A flat-rate priority mail box of food costs about $14 to mail, plus the cost of the food, and I send about 3 boxes every two weeks.

Recently my daughter in law suggested that I try Amazon -- I never realized that they had groceries! - because they have supersaver free shipping, a huge savings for me. This week I sent, through Amazon, boxes of soup, crackers, and pudding, with just the click of my mouse. A truly modern convenience!