Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knock me down and paint me yellow

I am painting the third and last bedroom -- there are other rooms that need freshening, and almost every ceiling in the house could use a fresh coat of paint, but this is the last room I planned to paint  . . . back in October, before I moved in.   I set the goal of having it done before easter, since I am having easter dinner for my family.    Brilliant, right?    Offer to cook, and of course that means an implicit promise to shop and clean, and then toss in the idea of painting a bedroom that has more trim than you can imagine and seems to need about 20 coats to cover up the very dark blue that was on the walls when I moved in.

I am not a good painter, and unfortunately, the people before me were even worse.    So, although I have made smudges of wall paint on the ceiling, they are never a match for the larger smudges made by the previous painters.    And, although I sanded and wiped the walls, I keep finding patches of uneven plaster and hardened paint drips left by the earlier tenants.   

Still, if it is ever finished, the room will be bright and, I hope, cheery; an occasional guest room and a place for me to sew.  And truly, there are people who would gladly help me if I let them, so I have nothing to complain about.

But like so many things in my life lately, this has been another big reminder that I am getting older.    After an hour or so of painting,  of climbing up and down, I can barely move.    I am reminded with every brush stroke that I might not be able to paint this room again when it needs it.    So I am trying to enjoy my ability to do it this time, even if it kills me.


Me! said...

But like I keep telling myself . . . everytime I do this, it makes me healthier. So because you are doing it, you will be able to do it again, just don't stop! :) It's the older woman's workout, redecorating. :)

Me! said...

Lovely shade, by the way . . . almost buttercream . . .

gpc said...

That's it exactly, Debbi -- it is killing me, but I want to do it myself, because I still can. And I hope that, by doing, I'll be able to do it longer.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

A nice coat of yellow sunshine! Painting is a pain, but it's pretty rewarding to see the job finished in the end. Enjoy your family at Easter!