Thursday, April 29, 2010

Freeze warning

Our weather is still very back and forth.   One day it is 80 degrees, the next night we have another freeze warning.   A couple of the things I dared plant died of the cold.    But I didn't, and most of my plantings survived, too.   I planted a bunch of lilies and liatris today, which also meant that I had to weed and prepare places for them.    Awhile back, Dr. Cranky gave me a garden bench to sit or kneel on while I weed, which I used for the first time today, and it made such a difference.    I told him it's the best gift he's ever given me, and he was so proud of himself.    I am a newbie to the gardening world, and I realized today when I was walking around the neighborhood that one weedy looking plant I pulled was not, in fact, a weed, but a bleeding heart.   It might have been flowering by now, as my neighbor's is, if I had left it to grow.    Pity.


Alice In Wonderland Rocks said...

It's pretty..the garden bench sounds great even for a great weekend :):)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Bleeding hearts are a nice plant. Too bad for it, but if you didn't know, you didn't know. Would you consider planting another one to replace it??

gpc said...

Good idea Alice, a shelling bench would be awfully handy! The soil where the plant was is full of clay and stones and hard to dig -- I'm not sure I could get another bleeding heart planted, LBSC, I'll have to wait for another 'volunteer.'!