Thursday, July 29, 2010

Late July

My tomatoes are starting, the heirloom green zebra-striped and yellow plums are my favorites.   I didn't plant my onions deep enough so they all popped to the surface and didn't get very large, but they are adorable anyway.  The potato vines are showing signs of wilt, and soon I will know how successful they were.    My garden has gone mostly wild, with bits of bounty ripening everywhere.   On the other side of my life, my daughter told me last night that she is being evicted and today is not answering her phone.

Only a couple more days in my July contest!   I have 8 entries so far, but I will count all comment-makers until the end of the day (my time) on July 31.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I love fresh home-grown tomatoes. Unfortunately my daughter ended up eating almost all of the ones we grew. She loves them too! Can't complain about a 10 year old who loves to eat tomatoes!

Birgit said...

Oh, what great tomatoes! :)

By the way, a good way to get people to visit your blog and enter your giveaway is to visit other people's blogs and tell them about it. Seriously -- that works! :)

It might be a bit late this time, but maybe you can give it a try next time. I found that by leaving comments for others and interacting with various bloggers, more and more people found their way to my blog, too. I was thrilled when I had 10 followers, and I still can't wrap my mind around having more than 100 now.

Anyway, good luck with your blog -- and thanks for posting photos to make your blog entries even more interesting.

Greetings from Munich,

sue in mexico mo said...

Nice looking tomatoes! We have had so much rain that the tomatoes have not done well. The weeds, on the other hand, are doing very well! :-)

Sad, about your daughter. . . We parents always have something to worry about.

I hope you are having a good summer. It sure is passing quickly!

Tootie said...

Your tomatoes look great! I've had gardens over the years and some pretty darned good tomatoes, but none ever compared to the taste I remember from my Mother's tomatoes. We lived on a farm, and now I'm wondering if the good taste was due to all that natural fertiler. LOL Or maybe it could have been from all the weed and bug killer my Father sprayed on everything. I ran out of that garden eating tomatoes right off the vine, all summer long. Isn't it amazing that I'm still alive to talk about it? Even though the tomatoes I get here, are fairly good, they just don't taste like real tomatoes. Enjoy them while they last. :) I've never seen those green or little yellow ones like you have.

Sorry to hear about your daughter's problem. I know how much you worry about her. But, she always finds a way to manage and as much as we would like to lead our children in a better direction, we just can't. They have to do it themselves. I'm thinking about the two of you and hope you hear from her soon.

Tootie said...

Uuuh, that was supposed to be 'fertilizer'. :)