Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out of sight

My birdbath has been covered in birds this week and I love watching them.   When the birdbath is empty, I wonder why.   There are usually several species at a time splashing and preening and cooling off.   It was hot again today, so I was surprised that none of my feathered friends had come to visit this evening.   When I looked outside, I saw a juvenile broad-winged hawk sitting on my fence (thank goodness for the internet!).    He was watching the birdbath, too.   Mystery solved.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Nothing like a hawk to chase away the little guys! We have experienced that too. Hopefully the hawk found a meal somewhere else tonight and your song birds will be back tomorrow.

Snowbird said...

Yup, good thing the little guys weren't around. I remember one time being out in the Songbird Cage at CROW feeding little ones. They were all chirping and begging and all of a sudden every last one froze and didn't make a sound. Just then a hawk flew over. That was really weird!