Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Not Favoriteist Time Of The Year

I am, as is common for me this time of year, in Sanibel withdrawal.   There is something about being by the coast, the sound of the surf, the smell of salt, that feeds my soul.    Since I first saw the ocean at 17, I have wanted to have more of it in my life.    Of course, the ocean is just one of the things I wanted in my life, and it, like many of the others has eluded me.    I have said always that I wanted to live by water, that I wanted to spend more time where I could hear and see it.   I listen to my 6-year-old grandson saying the same, and hope he has better luck with his dreams.    Smart boy, he is dreaming them earlier than I did.    Maybe it will occur to him to make some money along the way!

Meanwhile, I spent the morning shooting a revolver at the pistol range and making tiaras.    Now I am cooking lentils, hoping that a bowl of hot pottage will warm my toes.


murphyfish said...

Oh I do share your feeling for the sea, tis truly food for the soul.

Kaybe said...

From the shooting range to got range Girl! Sending you some Sanibel sunshine & hugs.

Take good care,


The Farmer Files said...

Aahh the ocean is so cleansing!

Deb said...

I agree with you. I too am in Sanibel withdrawal. We were unable to go last October due to Don's lay off and it feels like it has been forever since we were there. We are headed that way in May and I can hardly wait. Of course all this snow and dreary days don't help with the mood or the attitude. :) Enjoy the pottage!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I'm feeling it too. It seems like so long since we were in Sanibel last October. On a happy note - this week I reserved the PS condo for next October!!!!

sue in mexico mo said...

Sanibel withdrawal hits me as I cross the causeway leaving the island. Thank goodness for blogs from Sanibel.