Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vacation Memories


sue in mexico mo said...

I love Sanibel. I take my daughter and granddaughter every year.

Nan said...

Dear GPC,
Thanks for visiting my blog so much it means a lot to me and that's the truth. Yes I am lucky to have Bob as he is a 'handyman'. My daughter's husband is not like her Dad and she has just come around to think 'not everyone is perfect'. She hires out the jobs by finding a handyman who can do those things for her which isn't easy considering they live on Kodiak Island 35 miles out of town! Women here in town want to borrow my handyman, too much if you ask me and I have now posted an ad from the paper by my phone called Surrogate Husbands, handymen for hire and I give them that if Bob is too busy. This year in September we'll have been married 50 years! Take Care and have a really great New Year. Nan

Snowbird said...

Love the pictures Gail. They look like they had a ball.