Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Feeling Lucky

I had barely sent out my LAST 'pay it forward' gifts when I added my name to another "pay it forward" challenge last week, and then issued my newest challenge here on my blog.   I have not even thought of what I am going to make for the first five commenters on that blog entry, but today I got a 'prize' from Shawkl, who invited me to comment on HER 'pay it forward' shout-out  - a beautiful pair of earrings!    So here's the story - she was faster than I am, she is more skilled than I am, and she obviously is more creative than I am -- definitely, the pressure is on!    But I don't mind, because I'm the lucky one -- just look at these earrings, and imagine (ignoring the terrible picture) the bunches of sparkle that doesn't show in the photo!   Thank you, Karen!
 Tonight I made a really delicious recipe from The Pioneer Woman, Chicken Tortilla Soup.   I will definitely make this one again.
 And I am feeling unbelievably lucky to have simple pleasures, plenty of food, my family safe.    My thoughts go out to the people of Japan, hoping they will receive the speedy comfort, safety and sustenance that they need during this terrible time.  


Shawkl said...

You are most welcome!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Gotta love that Pioneer Woman!!

The Farmer Files said...

LOVE tortilla soup...can you believe in all of this cold weather I have not made one pot of soup since in MA?

Simple Daisy said...

The soup looks so yummy!! But I am more than read to move past soup and onto grilled summertime foods:)