Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a Beautiful Weekend!

Today was my last fly tying class.    Our teacher sent each of us home with a vise so we can keep tying!   Very exciting, a new craft.   I'm already looking for simple 'recipes' to tie on my own!    I brought way too many cookies home, though.
The weather today was beautiful, sunny and mild.   Michigan at its beautiful best.    I wore a sweatshirt but only because I'm a sissy.   I did a little yard clean-up and planted my onions/potatoes, threw some zinnia seeds out -- basically just to feed the birds since I am pretty sure they'll never grow up to be zinnias.   I'll put in some flower plants in a few weeks because my grandson suggested that I plant a lot of flowers this year.     I can buy the plants and the dirt, I just wish someone would put a green thumb on sale because I could really use one.

While I was walking around the block this afternoon, one of the neighbors down the street came out to tell me that a wild turkey had been on that end of the block today.   He said they called my grandkids out to see it, but it was gone by the time I came around.     I was disappointed to have missed it so the neighbor told me that turkeys often congregate by the river.     I jumped right into my car and drove over to the river a few miles away and sure enough, there were dozens of them!   I was so happy to see them, but I guess the feeling wasn't mutual.    They weren't interested in being my photo-subjects today,  but I'll try again.    


Emily@theNest said...

Oooooh, what a sissy I am too!!! We had similar weather today too, and did lots of planting... no wild turkeys though!! Your fly-ties are fantastic: I'm not a fisherwoman, but I've always loved fly ties- a work of art in themselves (what was that you said about being non crafty again??)

The Farmer Files said...

Turkeys! Turkeys! Congratulations!!! Spring has hit Michigan!! You know how I feel about turkeys. ;)

Kaybe said...

What a neat thing to learn to do. A River Runs Through It is one of my all time fav movies. Love the fly fishing scenes or was it Brad Pitt. Or maybe Tom Skeritt. But there was alot of fly fishing :D

gpc said...

Emily, I'm glad I'm not alone in the Sissy Sisterhood! Don't tell the manly men who teach the fly tying class that it's 'crafty,' they would be mortified, LOL!

FF, I never knew that turkeys were a harbinger of spring until I read your post! I was so surprised to find myself in a place where they can be expected to show up, or at least stop in nearby! Love it! I only saw hens this time, and didn't get the kind of fabulous photos that Dr. Romance captured, but I'll keep looking for them now that I know they're here.

Kaybe, I saw River Runs Through It years ago and have no real memory of the movie -- I've tucked it back into my Netflix queue, sounds like I'd better watch it again!