Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

In the true modern spirit of Labor Day, I am not doing much of anything today.   My big task for today was to try on a variety of my-closet outfits, trying to find something to wear to the wedding without shopping.   I don't like the shop and, more importantly, I can't afford to shop -- sheesh, the trip to the west coast will temporarily dry up my budget -- so it's going to be The Closet or Bust.   I will be wearing black, that's almost certain,  because my closet is heavily tipped in that direction.   It boiled down to the choice of black pants or a black accordion-pleat skirt that my sister talked me into, and a top.    None of my tops are fancy, cotton tanks, a couple of poly and velvet shirts.    At this point I am thinking black slacks, back flats, black accordion-pleat top, and a shawl or jacket or something to give it a little pop. 
Not sure about the something.   A jacket seems too structured, and I am not sure I have the flair that's needed to pull off a shawl.    I do have a pretty, old (1950s?)  burgundy, embroidered shawl, but I wonder if black and burgundy is too dark for the celebratory mood. 
I would consider buying a more colorful sweater or wrap if I see something that appeals to me, since I could use it again.     I don't want to seem un-festive, and the slacks and top are pretty much what I would wear for everyday.   But the wedding is outside, in the northwest, and the weather uncertain, so I think that's probably what I'll settle for.   I feel like this dress-me-project has taken WAY too much energy already!

What I should be doing is working on next weekend's  day-retreat, which I have set up for some of our hospice volunteers.   I am doing an intuitive art project, using collage, with the ladies, which I hope will open some discussion on our hidden talents, and I haven't done anything yet except think about it.    I promised to make soup and dessert for that, too, and I need to decide what I'm making and get a grocery list together!    Time to leave vanity behind me and put a little labor into my Labor Day!

'Hope you are all having a nice holiday!

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