Saturday, October 15, 2011

Food and Fun

This weekend I made fresh tomato soup from my own garden.   I made fresh pasta (without a machine) for the first time.  I started a batch (my first) of Limoncello.    I haven't tasted the Limoncello yet, the lemons are still infusing the vodka, but the rest was all good (in fact, my grandson, who is generally complementary, pronounced the pasta, The Best Pasta In The World).

And - best news of all -- my grandkids and I completed, at long last, the Epic Battle -- after months and months (and months) of creating castles and traps and 'guys,' we battled to the end.  It wasn't pretty.   It wasn't quick.   It wasn't easy.    And - surprise of surprises -- my guys lost.     I had hoped (silly me) that this was the end of it.   But they have informed me that our next battle will be a Fairy War.    Our soldiers are to be re-fitted with wings.    It will be amazing.  I just hope I'll be ready for it.

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