Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blessing of Hands

I got a phone call a week or so ago, in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, from someone who works in the Pastoral Care Department at a hospital.    It had just occurred to her that no one had told me that the next day I would be expected to begin a week-long Blessing of the Hands at the campuses where I work.

After receiving her call, I found myself thinking about all the different jobs, all the different hands that I encounter each day.    Hands that clean, hands that feed, hands that soothe the dying, hands that prepare potions to reduce pain, hand that offer solace to the living.   Hands that reach out to me for comfort, hands that reach into thin air as if they see something (or someone) there.  Hands that draw me in.    Crippled hands, wrinkled hands that seek my touch.   And young hands, too, healthy hands.    Plump little hands that are open to life, full of fun and sweetness, smudged from art projects and play.

In the course of my job, I said a blessing over many hands that week.   But, as usual, the real blessing was to me.


Emily@theNest said...

Thats the nicest blogpost i've read all week :)

So glad to hear Sweetpea is loved by your granddaughter btw!!

RottenMom said...

This is such a beautiful post. What a gift you are to everyone you bless.

Rebecca said...

I agree! I look at my 45 year old hands and begin to see the little tissue-paper look to them that I see in my Mother's hands and saw in my Grandmother's hands. Sometimes I see it as a gift. Other times I run for the lotion. I am thankful for the hands I have. God bless you and your lovely hands and the work they do!