Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Already?!

This year has flown by.   Again.   I am already neck-deep in Holiday planning at work -- as you know or can imagine, the holidays are a difficult time for families in hospice or anyone who has suffered a loss, especially a recent loss.   And of course, no matter how busy or hopeful we are, people keep dying, and it can seem especially cruel for families this time of year.    

As a sort of balance, I am also looking at toys and decorations for my own family, a happier kind of planning.   I am avoiding as much as possible thinking about my upcoming birthday, which is rushing toward me WAY too quickly.  In some ways, working at hospice has made me grateful for every year but has also put a sharper edge on getting older.    I can no longer avoid thinking about death, even for a day.    

I am mentally packing for my mid-holiday trip to Sanibel Island, where I hope to see a couple of friends and enlarge my seashell stash!   Meanwhile, my house is more of a mess than I can every remember it being.    There are intended projects and reminder notes and stacks of things I meant to read EVERYWHERE.   Patterns and fabrics and fly-tying materials and recipes and unwrapped presents in every corner.

November is also when I peek for the first time into my $5 savings plan.   All year, I tuck away every $5-bill I receive, whether in change or from the bank, and consider it my Christmas savings account.    I counted it today and was amazed to find that I saved $450 in $5-bills this year!    It is a great savings plan for me, almost painless (except for the times when I get three fives as change for a twenty!)  

We are nearing the end of the year. There are a lot of dark clouds and the nights are getting colder.   The furnace is on, and there is plenty of time for candlelight at night, no matter how early I go to bed. The days are often crisp, I love wearing cozy fleece, and it's finally soup weather.        It's all good.
Just don't talk to me about snow, because that is a different story altogether.


Emily@theNest said...

Gail, i think it's that time of the year... dark days+mortality! Your $5 idea is ingenious!!! Is this year a "big birthday"??

gpc said...

I can't take credit for the $5 idea, but I think it's ingenious, too! Not a big birthday -- although EVERY birthday after 60 seems pretty huge, lol!

Snowbird said...

I like the $5 idea. I may have to try it. I'm assuming I'm one of the people you hope to see when you make your trek to Sanibel. Or at least I had better be! LOL. Can't wait for your visit.