Monday, December 12, 2011

6. Best. Day. Ever!

Day 6.   My last full day on vacation.   And I had the BEST DAY EVER!     Prepare to be jealous, envious, and amazed.    Seriously.

I left my condo at 6:45 am and headed north.   (I didn't get back to Sanibel until 4:45 pm!  This was an all day adventure!) When I arrived at Englewood, my day-planner, The Essential Beachcomber, met me with an apple fritter and a smile  -- what a great way to start the day, right?!    And then she took me -- are you ready? -- SHARKS' TOOTH HUNTING!!    I have waited for this day for a LONG time, and it was NOT a disappointment.    Unfortunately, I won't be able to do it justice, because I've already forgotten the name of the first beach, but it was on Manasota Key, and it was beautiful.
I had never been there before.   I had never even thought of going until I read the descriptions of shark tooth hunting on The Essential Beachcomber.   I was hooked then, and I'm even more hooked now.    It was fun to see the jumbo sand fleas that she pointed out to me -- on Sanibel I am used to seeing sand fleas that are the size of, well, fleas.   On Manasota Key they were enormous, the size of cocktail shrimp.   So that was fun, but it was super exciting to see my first tooth in the middle of the shell crush, and then another, and then another.   
I found a LOT of them, and Mrs. Beachcomber found even more -- she has the sharkiest eye! -- and she insisted that I take every one of them home with me.      What a great day.
But she wasn't done with me.    Next, we went to Stump Pass, where she produced the most amazing picnic lunch.   I have had a lot of good meals this week, but nothing tasted as good as the cuban sandwich, carrots, hummus, and honeydew melon eaten on a tiny spit of land between the Gulf and a small inlet, water on both sides and blue sky above.   We found a few more teeth there, and were treated to an amazing display of gopher turtle aggression, with one large turtle beating his head against a smaller one until she ran away.    Quite the show.     
Before I left to return to my home base, Mrs. Beachcomber surprised me with a big ol' bottle of MORE sharks' teeth! 
And if that wasn't enough, she sent me on the road with a candy bar for dessert.   Gooey, stickey fingers but no worries, it's a rental car!

Thank you so much, Karen, I can never repay your amazing generosity.   Englewood and Dearborn are CRAZY not to make you their official ambassador.   I can't wait to return.     It was a truly wonderful day.

But that's not all -- I saved the most amazing for last!    The Amazing Essential Beachcomber found -- and gifted me -- a nearly intact megalodon tooth.    INCREDIBLE!    Every bit of this find is unbelievable to me.    I can't wrap my mind around the idea of a 40-foot shark, much less that they became extinct millions of years ago.    And that they sent this tooth to ME!!
Tomorrow I return to Detroit, and cold weather, and work.    But I have sharks' teeth to show my grandchildren, and stories of the Best Day Ever!


Kaybe said...

The pleasure was all mine my dear. You are great company & it was nice finally putting a human being to the blog. Have a safe trip back. xo

sue in mexico mo said...

What a fun day!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Kaybe is the best! We were fortunate enough to spend one day with her as well last summer and it was one of the highlights of my trip. What a generous soul she is! Your megalodon tooth is amazing - what are you going to do with it?

Emily@theNest said...

Just simply lovely. Those kind of days are nothig short of glorious!

Emily@theNest said...

(And I'm very jealous!!! :) )

Snowbird said...

Yes, you did find shark's teeth. Wow! I wish I could have gone with you. It sounds like you had a blast.

Shellbelle said...

Forgive me for taking so long to get over here, it's been quite busy around here.

I heard all about your day from Karen and I'm so glad you posted pics of the megalodon tooth, she told me the story behind the find. You learned firsthand why I treasure her friendship so much.

I hope to be down that way the next time you visit!

Hugs from Sunny Florida