Sunday, December 11, 2011

Celebrating Advent!

Don't forget to check into my friend Janne's giveaway on Spindlemaker -- I won a prize from her, a little mitten ornament,  and can't wait to get it!   Janne is an artist and everything she touches is beautiful, which makes her weekly advent giveaway an especially sweet offering.   Go!   Make a comment and maybe you will be her next winner!

Visit Emily at The Nest, too, while you're at it.   She is posting a new craft for every day in Advent.   I am planning to try her hot chocolate recipe as soon as I get home -- I have have never used brown sugar in my cocoa, and I suspect it will make a richer flavor.    Emily and Janne make me want to make more of my Christmas gifts but, alas, I am not as clever as either of them.   Still, they have inspired me to do more this year than I usually get done.

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Emily@theNest said...

Thank you! :) I'm sure you did a huge amount when you had small ones... I'm looking forward to being a grandma and chilling out, relaxing and (hopefully!!!!!!!) doing things only when and if I want to !