Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 2 - Suffering, Sanibel Style

I overslept again today, so I didn't go to the beach I intended to visit, I went (again) to the beach right outside my door.     And I know my northern readers won't really appreciate what I am about to say, but it was COLD this morning.   

So cold that my nose ran and my ears hurt from the wind.   So cold that I could barely feel my fingers when I got back from my just-under-two-hour walk this morning.   So cold that I barely looked for shells, just walked and walked along the very low tide. 
 So cold that I didn't realize until I got back that my beach shoes had filled with water and sand, and rubbed the inside of my foot raw, so that it looked like a piece of meat by the time I got back in.    I will spare you the photo, but it is not nice, and I am worried that it will cramp my style a little.

Yesterday my trash bag was full when I came in, but I only had a few little bubble shells to show for it.   
Today, my trash bag was overflowing -- I even found an old cell phone
-- but I also picked up several shells to take home.   Nothing fancy, but I decided that I could bring shells for some of my coworkers, so I picked up half a dozen small lightening whelks.   They are  my favorite gift shell because they are fairly easy to find, but they look like Real Shells, prettier than the fighting conchs, but easier for me to give up than cones and such.   I threw away a nice lace murex that was dead, but still full of former occupant stuff.
And I picked up a couple battered cones, and a little horse conch, because even worn cones and horsies are nice for me.    I am not a Real Sheller because, instead of walking where the shells are, my feet always carry me to the edge of the water, no matter how swept clean it is.   I am distracted by things other than shells, like the osprey I saw today gathering grasses for his nest.    And I am a little like a dog when I hit the beach, because I seem to have to have something in my hands, so I picked up and later discarded figs and tulips as I walked.   I did keep a couple of venus sunrays that the shore birds opened just for me.   I'm polite like that.


Kaybe said...

That's the best thing about shelling - the walk. I have to remind myself to lift my head up & look around more than once. Nice murex. Sorry about the cold but I've been on Blind Pass in 30 degree weather so I'm not very sympathetic in that regard.

gpc said...

I know, Kaybe, I've been at Blind Pass in 30 degree weather, too -- that's how I found my junonia -- so I am not very sympathetic to me, either, lol!

sue in mexico mo said...

You are in Sanibel! That is wonderful! Sorry it is cold. I don't enjoy the beach when I have to wear my coat. I guess I'm a wimp. . . I'd still rather be cold in Sanibel than cold here at home. Where are you staying? Do you have a favorite beach?

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Nice collection of shells today. Too bad the lace murex was somewhat occupied. I find myself bring those dead filled ones home sometimes, soak in bleach, and if they are Okay before we travel home, I'll take it. If not, return to the beach for the next person to find.

Snowbird said...

Nice haul. Guess I need to get back to the beach!