Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 3, Shelling Strategy & Mollusk Madness

I went to Blind Pass today and I was pretty sure as soon as I got there that it wasn't going to be my day for shells, but I hate to give up and, after all, I had made something of a commitment when I paid for parking.   So I walked back and forth, picking up things I didn't need, like several paper figs and a few pink and orange scallops.   I was finally rewarded with a small alphabet cone, so that was good.  It was a perfect morning to be on the beach, absolutely beautiful, warm with a nice breeze.   A perfect Sanibel day.

P.S When I got to Blind Pass it was still dark, and the beach was alive with crawling shells.   Everywhere I looked, I saw movement. 

 Love that!   But imagine my surprise when I learned that Little Miss (Pam) I Love Shelling went to Lighthouse Beach before dawn -- where I've been the last two days -- and she found my alphabet cone!  It MUST have been my cone, because I was out looking for it by the Lighthouse on Wednesday and Thursday!    Aaargh!    Maybe I'll find the Mother-lode tomorrow.    Or maybe I'm saving my shelling Karma up for sharks teeth.    Either way, I can't wait.


sue in mexico mo said...

A perfect Sanibel day.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That Pam certainly has the eye for shells. We shelled with her at Lighthouse Beach last summer and she sees stuff that my eye never picks up. Plus she is one sweet lady!