Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Normals

I am back at home, back to work, getting the laundry caught up, and (almost) unpacked.     It suddenly feels like the year has flown by, hard to believe that Christmas is next week, that 2012 is just around the corner.   At home I am trying to wrap and clean and plan Holiday food.   At work, I am trying to comfort people who are dying, and families who are losing someone to death.   As I swing back and forth between my two lives,  neither situation seems any more normal than the other.

It snowed last night.   As I went out in the early morning to visit a patient who is not doing well, the driveway was slippery.   Shells and sharks' teeth still clutter my kitchen table, reminding me of warm beaches and sunshine.   It is good today to be reminded. 


DVArtist said...

This year did fly by. 2012 all I can say is "wow"
Happy Christmas to you

Kaybe said...

I am keeping the holiday as simple as possible. Cook something tasty & easy. I'm doing a sirloin tip with au jus & nice crusty rolls. They can heat it up if they don't get here on time. Check the pockets on your pants before you do laundry or you'll have shells & sharks teeth rattling around the spin cycle. xo

Mrs A said...

Hi Gail, take care on the slippery roads, i have a PIF gift for you if you could send me your address, i did have it, but cant find it now, and i have been very slow in posting this so i apologise! Merry Christmas!
Im at:

Emily@theNest said...

Gail, doesn't life always seem to have so much more stark contrast at times like this? I hope you are okay, and you stay safe on the roads- what you are doing for all those families and people who are dying is immeasureable in any terms, I think you are fantastic xx