Friday, December 30, 2011

One Last Look At Christmas

Time to clean it up and pack it away for another year.    Good-bye, Christmas tree,
good-bye seashell tree (with colors washed out by a brief moment of sunshine, lovely sunshine!),
good-bye Santa that my daughter made me many years ago,
good-bye basket that my son made me when he was a cub scout,
good-bye angels and flamingos and candy canes,
 good-bye beignets and sugary treats.

 See you all next year!


spindelmaker said...

This is certainly the first Christmas flamingo I´ve ever seen :-)

Deb said...

where did you get your Christmas flamingo?? so cute!!!

gpc said...

The flamingo comes from Sanibel Island, Florida -- from Bailey's Hardware Store!

Nan said...

Well I like that list you made it's very commendable. For some reason I never cook up meals and freeze them, I guess I can't give cooking that much forethought. I would suggest you give up eating anything that is white this will get you a long way to thinness. #16 I'm working on by sending you a package! Nan