Saturday, January 28, 2012

Perfecting My Laziness

If I can't be active and productive, it seems like I could at least be better at utter laziness.   But something always interferes.   Sigh.

I decided to put out some birdseed because it snowed last night, and I thought it would be nice to lie about and watch the birds.   But when I went to the basement, I discovered that Someone had chewed a hole in the bag and seed was strewn everywhere.   So instead of the sit-and-watch I had planned, I had to clean up a big mess and (worse) think about what to do about my hungry intruders.

I did finally get out of my pajamas, at an embarrassingly late hour, and decided it would be a good idea to go out for groceries since there's nothing much to eat in the house.   But I got distracted along the way and went to the bookstore instead, where I spent a couple hours thinking of books and magazines I could buy, and projects I could do.    On the way home, I didn't much feel like grocery shopping anymore, so I stopped at Arby's for a sandwich.    I am generally not a fast-food eater, and this is the slippery slope I feared when I gave into the coupon-driven yearning for an Egg McMuffin last week.    This time it was even more serious -- no coupon to use as an excuse.  And worse, the lingering junk food shame.   I definitely feel better when I eat better.
I found some large scraps of material in a corner of my room when I was thinking about how I should clear out the fabric I'm not using, so I squared and cut it to make a lap robe.    Hopefully I will finish it this weekend.

I decided to start working on a "Bloomin' Blossoms" quilting kit that I won from Quiltscapes, but made the mistake of trying to read the instructions while I was soaking in the bathtub.   They slipped out of my hand and I had to jump up and spread them out so that the pages didn't stick together.    Now I will have to wait for them to dry before I can begin.    I really hope I don't mess their piecing-part up because it's a very pretty pattern -- I'll post the finished product . . . . when I finish it, that is.   My goal is to have it done within the next couple of weeks.

I also tried tying a "fly" pin to see whether my fishing hobby has jewelry possibilities -- when I was a little girl, my oldest brother tied a fishing fly on a safety pin for my mom, and she occasionally wore it on her lapel.   I was so envious, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and so proud of my big brother.   So I tried to duplicate the idea with craft feathers I had lying around the house (which are very different and lower in quality than fly tying feathers).   I think the idea has possibilities, but I'm a long way from having it exactly as I want.   I might have to meet up with my 'brudder' and see if he remembers how he did it over 50 years ago.

All in all, my efforts at being lazy today made several new messes for me to clean up, and didn't accomplish much else.   And I'm okay with that!

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Mrs A said...

Sounds like a perfect day really except for the cleaning up bit! My mum used to make earrings that sound similar, that was when i was a kid, she used to sell them at markets and they were quite popular then. Have fun with the quilting!