Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tying Myself Up In Useful Knots

I signed up again for a Fly Tying class.   I realize that crafts bring me the same sort of benefit as meditation.   I focus on what I am doing and get lost in it, which lets the worries and stresses fall to the wayside for a few minutes.    I had hoped that Fly Tying would be a way to meet other people who want to fish, or at least who know where I could go to fish.   But instead, I create my own little cocoon there and, although I can hear the others chattering away, I am busy just tying.   Oh well.    As Popeye used to say, I am what I am.     So last night I missed out on the fishing tips, but I tied 10 egg sucking leeches.   My instructor likes them leggy, and he held mine up as examples of a well done pattern.    What could be better?

I tried this week to read a crochet pattern on my own, for the first time.    I have a lot to learn!   Another class might be in order.   I was going for a toddler size, but if I am lucky, the finished product might fit my granddaughter's 18" doll.    Honestly, it might even be too small for that.    Here it is modeled by Sweet Pea, the adorable dolly I won from Emily at The Nest last year:
Even though the hat obviously didn't turn out as I had hoped, I was ridiculously pleased with it -- a sign, no doubt, of how low my standards are.   Because see, it isn't the hat is was supposed to be, but it IS hat-shaped, and cute as a bug's ear, so I am happy with it as a first attempt.   So happy, in fact, that I treated myself to a Sausage McMuffin with Egg today, after a meeting at work that I had dreaded and survived.   I know, I know.   The stuff is poison.   But I had a coupon.


Don said...

I have only tried fishing for steelhead once and I caught a nice 30" one on an egg sucking leach just like those, which I had tied myself. It is a very effective pattern.

Mrs A said...

Great fishing whats its! I used to go fishing with my husband when we lived in PNG i must have had a good lure or something as i caught way more fish than he did, he promptly took away the rod and gave me an inferior one! Crafting is good for your soul, i too get lost in it and forget to interact, but i guess its still good to get out now and then.
We dont have the luxury of sausage McMuffin- prob a good thing!

Kaybe said...

Aww just balance out the McMuffin with OJ. That's what I do. This creative energy you have going on is just amazing. Who knew you would have a knack for egg sucking leaches :D

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like your little crocheted granny hat. It's cute. Sorry, I know nothing about fly fishing or flies, but they look impressive!

Rebecca said...

I can so relate...I end up in my own little space in crowds too. Sometimes I wonder if I have a sensory disorder. I admire you for getting out there and learning new things. Even though I know nothing about flies (except for the ones that come in our house during summer time) ~ I'm quite impressed too. Happy Learning!