Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Snowy Day

It snowed all afternoon, so I spent a mostly quiet day, except for a few hours of work.   Caught up on Dexter, and worked on my first sock monkeys.   One of them looks like he has a fat lip.    I sure hope they look a little less freaky after I find buttons for their eyes.   Then again, perhaps I will have to face the sad truth that sock monkeys may not be my most profound artistic medium.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well your Sock monkeys look pretty good to me. Especially if their your first attempt at them.
I was out mowing yesterday here in Texas thinking of all my blogging buddies still having to deal with snow.
Hope your have a good weekend

spindelmaker said...

Are you kidding?! When I saw the photo of the monkeys my immediate thought was, "Cool, they can buy all sorts of cute stuff in America" And ten you tell me you made them! Sock monkeys are definitely your thing! :-)