Saturday, February 4, 2012

Even before the Superbowl, It's Been A Super Weekend!

Wow, this was a weekend where I actually did something!    Friday I worked, and after I got off, I got called back in because of a problem with one of our families.   When I finally got home for real, I grated a dozen lemons to make a fresh batch of Limoncello (my sister is out again!), and packed to go on my first Flygirls event, a retreat put on by a local women's fly fishing group.   I am not good a social events, strangers, or fishing, but I forced myself to go anyway.

The retreat was 180 miles away, a three hour drive.   On the way there, I saw a dozen wild turkeys walking single file, some amazing little villages, and parts of Michigan I hadn't seen before.   The final destination was a YMCA camp, on a lake - a very pretty property in the middle of nowhere.   I was glad I found it before dark!
I didn't know a single woman there but I am glad that I forced myself to go.   The women I met were all different ages, backgrounds and interests, and I had little in common with most of them, but they were happy to share their skills and just generally welcoming and supportive.    I perfected a couple of knots that will be very useful when I get out on the stream, and I tied a couple of new (to me) fly patterns (in the INTERMEDIATE class!   woot!  The froggy is supposed to have eyes, but seriously, I don't think the fish care so I didn't bother.   I guess I should have added them just for the photo!)
We also did a beginner's version of geocache-ing -- the camp is set up for kids, so the half dozen caches were not very hard to find, but we walked several trails that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.    I am not going to cross that activity off my 'to do' list because I was with a group and only found one of them myself, but now I am definitely confident that I'll be able to find one of the local caches on my own.

The retreat was scheduled for two nights but that was a little too much rustic living for me, -- half a dozen women to a cabin, bunk beds with thin plastic mattresses --  so I came home the second evening.   When I arrived home after another long drive, I remembered that I had made a quick batch of meringues before I left because I had a couple of egg whites left over from my recent attempt to make my own King Cake (results of which were not worth discussing!).   Now usually when I make meringues, I end up eating them all while they are still slightly warm and chewy because I just can't wait.   This time I was late leaving for the retreat because I'd been called back to work, so I popped the meringues into the oven and then, just before I went out the door, I turned the oven off and left them there.   When I arrived home there they were, waiting for me -- crispy and perfect and calling my name.   And thanks to my bloggy friend Emily, I didn't only eat a plateful almost immediately upon my arrival, but I ALSO ate them with (almost real) whipped cream!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Lots of good things to comment on... 1) good for you for going on the retreat. 2) I'm excited that you went geocaching and found one yourself. 3) I just downloaded a recipe for Limoncello because it looked interesting to make, but I've never actually tasted it. Does it taste real lemony? Is it smooth? I thought it would be good to drink before bed. 4) my son just tried making mergingues and they didn't turn out - too chewy. Can you tell me how to make them properly?

sue in mexico mo said...

Good for you - going to the retreat!

Even better, good for you - leaving when YOU wanted to leave!

I have never made mergingues or limoncello. I am going to google both and make them today.

Emily@theNest said...

Gail, I am so proud of you: you did EXACTLY what I would have done- eaten a plateful WITH cream!!!! I wouldn't be great at the rustic living- the thought of thin mattressed bunkbeds alone would make me weep. As for your flies- YEARS ago I was in a fishing shop and saw all these fantastic looking "earrings" (!) Thank goodness something stopped me asking or commenting on the earrings (I have a serious dose of Foot-In-Mouth syndrome!!) and quickly learned they were flies. What incredible little pieces of sculptures they are. As a fish lover (to eat, I mean) I should really give fly-tying a go... XX

Mrs A said...

You know that meringues with cream is the basic form of pavlova - an australian dessert, with a little strawberry or kiwi on the top its perfect! my fav of course! Yum!