Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Learning New Skills

I worked just a few hours today, and then I finally got myself to the target range today, after more than a month of just not finding the time.  I shot 40 rounds- one box of bullets - at 25 feet.    I would have liked to have all of them  hit 'the black,' but I was pleased that I did as well as I did.   At least every shot was a score.   There have plenty of days when I missed the circle altogether!
At my fly tying class, we tied spinners and elk hair caddis.   I don't know why, but I still like this craft.   I need to start tying a little at home, see what I can do without the security of supervision.
Came home and cleaned my gun,
While I worked, I watched Biggest Loser on TV and (of course) ate a lot of junk food to make up for the dinner I skipped.     Yup, I did.    Watching people diet and exercise makes me hungry, the same way that those old anti-smoking ads made me want a cigarette.

The thing is, I SHOULD have eaten something healthier instead.   I tend to come home starving and grab whatever is handy, which is too often a simple carb.   There was no excuse today  -- I won several peanut butter granola Clif Bars from Snug Harbor Bay a little bit ago, and they are pretty good, especially for someone like me who loves granola.    I really like them in yogurt - and I know that this might not be the idea best choice in the universe, since I am actually eating two snacks at once, but far better than the candy coated nuts I had today instead.   And it makes a great breakfast.    I like them so much that I bought a box of a second flavor, but the granola are still my favorite.   I keep a couple bars in the car for when I am working and can't get home for a real lunch.   They are crunchy, not too sweet, have a serving of whole grains and 5 grams of protein, so they are a good substitute for pulling through a fast food lane when I am out on the road.
So I could have had a granola bar when I got home late and hungry today.   But as usual, I ate before I thought.    Making better food choices is one of the New Skills that I need to practice a lot more often!


Numinosity said...

Cool, You'd make a good Alaskan, you would!
I love using those target practice papers in my artwork.
xoxo Kim

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

My daughter crumbles up the cliff bars in yogurt too. She loves it like that.

Love the target practice. I like to go skeet shooting.