Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Too cold, too snowy, too slippery, but a nice day all the same.    I finished the sock monkeys and gave them to the grandkids for Valentine's Day, with a little bag of chocolate covered this and that.    

And I made another King Cake, a galatte des rois, that I hope I will remember to make more appropriately on the Feast of the Three Kings next year.   It was really delicious, a puff pastry filled with an almond cream, sort of like an almond croissant.    I could definitely eat too much of this, too often.
Most fun of all, my daughter (in law) and I went to a Lampwork class.     It was a pretty amazing experience, but I'll wait to post about it until we see - and I get photos of - the finished beads.    I'll tell you this much:  two of us took the class, but only one of us was really good at it.    But I hope we'll do it again, and that Other (blush) might improve with time.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The sock monkeys look really cute now that they have eyes. And that cake looks REALLY yummy!

Numinosity said...

Keep at it with the lampwork. If you could only see my first beads and know how totally awkward I felt at first making them, Somehow later on something kicked in when I spent time at the torch alone.
That is some really odd behavior from your neighbors, sounds as if there's a tad bit of social anxiety on their part.
Cool monkeys and the cake sounds amazing.
xoxo Kim

Don said...

Cake looks awesome!!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sock monkeys!!! Very cool!! I'll bet the kids loved them too!

Yes, I'm still around. Crazy busy-ness going on all the time. Hoping to blog more often soon!
Hope you are well! Keep warm!

Emily@theNest said...

WOW- what were you saying about sock monkeys not being your most profound artistic medium?! That's such a sweet thing to do for your grandkids, they will be treasured!