Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snowy Weekend

Honestly, my laziness is almost inspirational. 
We had a 'winter storm' here this weekend.    In a normal year it would have been just another little snow, but this year has been so dry that we hyped it up to a major event.   The news said we had 6 inches, and maybe so, but I kind of doubt it.   So, while I intended to go to work yesterday, I put it off because my just-as-lazy snow guy didn't show up.  (I asked why he was so late last time and his answer was "I didn't feel like going out in the cold.")    To compound my sloth, the computer hook-up on my work laptop wasn't working so I couldn't work from home.   I was just plain listless.   I made cherry muffins (not that great.   ate four.  realized that I had typed 'four' but actually only ate three, so went and ate another one.)  I watched Courageous on DVD.  I heard Dr. Oz say that if we eat more protein we will lose more fat, so I ate the last two muffins.  'Got depressed with Dr. Oz so then I watched Bridesmaids, and The Help, also on DVD.   I finally got disgusted with myself and the still-missing snow guy, so I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk, but it took some time for me to get to that point, I can tell you.  

Several weeks ago, I won a beautiful  "Bloomin' Blossoms" quilting kit from Deonn at Quiltscapes.     I was not at all sure that I would be able to make anything of it, but Deonn was so encouraging that I didn't want to let her down, but I kept putting it off.   As bored as I made myself yesterday, you would think I would have just sat down and finished it.   I did, finally, get tired of pondering the meaning of fat and weather, and it was not nearly as intimidating as I had feared.   It's not done yet, but it's coming along nicely.   It went really quickly and I really think I'll finish it by the end of next weekend, even working on it little bits at a time.

Even thought the fabric was precut and it was the easiest way to start, I did make some mistakes.    It definitely took me longer than it would take the Average Person.
But little by little, stitch by stitch, it began to take form.
This has been a week filled with omens, or maybe not.    On Wednesday, I had the fattest rabbit parked in my back yard from dawn 'til dusk, so fat that it looked like a basketball made of fur from behind.   I figured it was an omen that I needed to get back to Weight Watchers, but my sister opined that it was like the cows in the dream that Joseph interpreted for the Pharaoh in the Old Testament, and a sign that I could expect a year of plenty.   See how smart my sister is?   On Thursday, I had two equally fat cats in my yard, and I was pretty sure that I knew what they were up to, so I didn't bother my sister for an explanation, but I figured it was a sign of spring.     I sure hope so, because it's not going to be good if I sit inside amusing myself with eating and laziness for too many more months.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like the "year of plenty" idea. I hate february. It's always my worst month and I'm always depressed. I mean lay around, do nothing, pull the blankets over my head depressed. Today I got a little unexpected gift from a flordia friend and it picked me up. Thank God for friends!

spindelmaker said...

Well, aren´t you getting to be creative! I like your quilting. The lines are so straight! Honestly, I´m not good at all with exact stuff like that. So salute to you!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Lol From the post I think we may have more in common than just sea shells. hahaha
I laughed and laughed about eating another of the muffins because you put four on here and you only had eaten three. You know that is something Grandma Yellow Hair would do.
Am I rubbing off on you.
I think your piece is going to be really pretty.
Thank you again for my beautiful soap and sea shells. I love them
and you

Kaybe said...

Your sister is a brilliant dream interpreter! From the prison to the palace baby! I like your typos. xo

Deonn said...

Haha, I love your sister's interpretation too - perfect! And your first Bloomin' Blossom looks beautiful! Yeah!! I was so happy to see your pictures, it's like watching my children grow up!