Friday, March 2, 2012

In Like A Lamb?

After last week's ice and slush, March began with mild temperatures.   The old saying is that when March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion, so I'm not ready to expect spring quite yet, much as I wish I could!

[POSTSCRIPT:  I had no sooner posted this than the temperature began to plummet and the weather report advised that we are expecting a blizzard this afternoon.   The March Lion may still be on the way to my house!]

Last week was my final fly-tying class.   I will miss it, at least until I find something to replace it.   I hope I will keep tying flies at home, but there is something nice about sitting around with a bunch of other people, chatter in the background, while I work.   Even though I am not socially involved with the other tiers (they congregate at 'men only' tables and inevitably leave me at a table by myself), I like the illusion of company.
I intended to shoot at my local firing range today.   Pistol shooting is another 'illusion of company' activity for me.   Words are rarely exchanged, I am in my own narrow chute, but around other people engaged in the same activity.   There is an unspoken competition, and I occasionally hear comments on my shooting, which I find instructive (and sometimes encouraging).  But, best laid plans, it didn't work out.   Turns out that today was Glock Day at my shooting range, and the usually quiet shop was crowded to bursting.   The testosterone level was way past my quiet-spinster-life comfort level, so I declined to stand in line for a range and put it off until another day.

I followed up that failed plan by doing the Walk Of Shame at Weight Watchers, where I have not gone to weigh in for several months.   It was not good.   I thought about stopping for a candy bar on the way home, but didn't.   I'm sure I have one in the freezer . . .

Next month will mark the 5-year anniversary of my blog.   Wow!    I will be planning a giveaway to celebrate the occasion.   Traditionally, 5 years is the 'wooden' anniversary, so I'll have to give that some thought.   Details coming soon!

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Were you the only women in the fly tying class? Good for you for going. I hope you continue to do it at home since you seem to enjoy it. Wow- 5 yr. blogger anniversary - that's impressive. You might be one of the oldest ones that I read.