Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Walk In My City

I live in a city neighborhood.   True, it is not very different from my former suburban home, but it is within the city limits.    So I am frequently surprised to discover how 'country' it still is.   Today, just a couple of doors from my house, I encountered an opossum.   I am not sure which of us was more surprised.   If I had not been so surprised, I could have had a great photo because he would have gladly posed for me.  Actually, he didn't seem to know I was there, but I made the mistake of asking about his health and my voice alerted him to my presence and frightened him into the neighbor's bushes.  
I also noticed that my 'weed tree,' which is flowering for the first time since I've lived here, is still in flower.   Does anyone know what it is?   I'm glad my repeated attempts to kill it were unsuccessful.  
And I found a cold, abandoned robin's egg on my front lawn.   I imagine it blew out of its nest during our recent storms, but I couldn't locate the nest it came from.    The only nearby nests that I could see were sparrow and some medium-sized dark brown bird, no robins in sight.   


sue in mexico mo said...

I can laugh about this now, but it took a while . . Last summer I came home from a evening out with friends. Nice dinner and some wine. I puttered around in my house for a while and then went to be, watching tv for an hour or more. During this time I heard a noise several times and decided it was a branch rubbing on metal gutter.

Went to sleep and woke up TWO hours later to this same noise - but this time I knew it was in my bedroom!

I turned on the bedside lamp and sat up. An OPOSSUM RAN FROM UNDER MY BED!!! It ran into my bathroom.

I like wildlife, but not in my house!

It had entered through the dryer vent. The vent was not damaged but the vent pipe to the dryer broke from his weight and he fell to the basement floor. It was weird how he could get through such a small vent opening. He left a trail of dryer lint around the basement, up the basement stairs and around my house.

I now have a cage over the vent and I keep the door to the basement closed.

Emily@theNest said...

Sue: bleugh!!!! Can I ask, is an opossum the same as a possum? The blue egg is beautiful; recently I bought some quail eggs: small eggs are just so cute :)

Karen Shamalamamama said...

The blue egg isn't necessarily a robins. We have finches here who lay eggs that are very much "robins egg blue".