Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I pulled up a couple of my potato plants today and I got (ta dah) POTATOES!!   Who wouldda thought?!
My daughter is in New Orleans tonight, riding out the storm - or preparing to, because there's nothing but a little rain at the moment, but we both know that Isaac is drawing near.    She has no transportation of her own, so she signed up with the city for evacuation, but none was ordered.   And then tonight she got an automated call saying that evacuation was mandatory, but there will be no buses, so it's a moot point for her and many like her.   The anniversary of Katrina and it sounds like the city hasn't learned how to do anything except cover its own butt.  There's every expectation that my daughter will ride out the storm without incident.    But it's going to be a long night.


Mrs A said...

Wow look at those spuds, will there be mash or roast on tonight? I hope and pray for the people in New Orleans

Kaybe said...

OMG - potatoes! Will the depth of your skill sets ever end :D Keep us posted on your daughter. That's got to be nerve wracking for you. Praying God's peace will surround you like a big bubble!

sue in mexico mo said...

Have you heard from your daughter? I can't imagine the worry!

Carli The Quilter said...

I know something of what the impending Issac can be like. We live in what's called a 'flood zone' and each spring we start the same preparations and worry always comes with it. Love your potatoes, they are lots bigger than mine this year. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting so thoughtfully on Sashiko Sockeye Bowls!

Numinosity said...

I hope that your daughter weathered the storm OK and all is well.
This day must have been potato post day, I saw quite a few piles on FB too!
How satisfying to be growing your own food. I had a bit of a failure with my garden this year and don't grow the trusty root crops because we take off each winter.