Sunday, November 4, 2012


Are you already thinking about Christmas?   I'm working on my pillow for the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop, and so I've had Holidays on my mind.     I haven't started to shop yet, but I'm feverishly working on holiday lists and plans.    It might seem early to some, but I need a lot of time to work out my budget (an area I'm NOT good at), to shop and clean and craft, and do a lot of planning for work.   When my kids were little, and I was far better organized, I was generally ready for the season by Thanksgiving.    That's not going to happen this year, lol.    For the past dozen years, I've spent part of every holiday season on Sanibel Island, and that's not going to happen this year, either.      I will be lucky enough to have a couple of days in the sun before the holidays begin, but not lucky enough to have any beach time during December or January.    Speaking of making plans, I should have planned a LOT better when I was young to have more retirement money so I could travel whenever the whim hit me!

November is my birthday month, and my grandson's, too.    I believe he is a lot happier about birthdays than I am.   At work I see way too much sickness and old age to dare complain about my life, but it's a matter of plain, unvarnished fact that I am getting older.    The pain from the arthritis in my hands wakes me up in the morning, and makes it hard for me to do the things I enjoy, like hold a sewing or knitting needle, or pull a trigger, or tie a fly.   (My knobby fingers do NOT make it hard for me to clean my house, but I seem not to clean it anyway -- I need to think of some age-related excuse for that, too!)   My birthday looms, the numbers getting bigger and bigger, spinning out of control.     Where does the time go?!    As my sister reminds me frequently:  daylight's burning.    It's time to get busy.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I know what you mean about the retirement thing - WHAT retirement money? The economy the past few years has killed us and at this point, we will never be able to retire. Ugh. No sanibel time for me this year and I hated that.

Honey from the Bee said...

I love your honesty. I was sitting in bed this morning thinking the same thing - what happened? It takes me all the way to the bathroom to get my legs moving without pain and I wake up during the night with my hands all tight and claw-like. Must be a sight! Fortunately the hubby can't see as well as he used to.

Happy Birthday this month! Every birthday is a good birthday. You know... the alternative... Maybe you can have a new tradition that brings you that relaxed joy.