Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where I Blog

My cyber-friend Kim at Snug Harbor Bay recently posted a piece on where she sits and what she sees when she is blogging.    I learned so much about her that I thought I'd return the favor!   Although I sometimes blog by phone, most often I sit with my laptop on the couch in my family room, arguably the shabbiest room in my house.    I sit, often in my jammies and fuzzy slippers,  on my old couch -- I love it but it is not aging any better than I am -- and conduct my trifecta of blog-television-craft.    I watch netflix movies and past season HBO shows, the news, the daily obituaries, and an embarrassing assortment of prime time TV shows.
From where I sit, I can see my back yard and the TV.      It is foggy today, but usually I can see the birdbath and feeder.      Right now the weather is getting colder, and I've been watching the squirrels gather mouths-full of dried leaves to build their winter nests.
To my immediate right is an old table,  a hand-me-down from way back in the late 1980s.   The table holds my land-line telephone, an artifact that is generally useless to me because I use my cell exclusively these days, a shell lamp I filled from early Sanibel trips, and an assortment of threads and notions, including the wonderful pin cushion I won! 
On the floor next to the couch are several boxes of magazines, patterns, yarn, fiberfill, and such.   This is not my even larger and messier fabric collection, just stuff to have nearby so I can grab and knit or read or find a recipe.
Behind me is (one of the) kids' play area(s), the office/dollhouse/castle room, and my front/living room.    Unless the television is on, the house is mostly quiet.   Way too quiet, much of the time.
 Once in awhile I tap into my nostalgic iTunes playlist, but mostly I sit with my own thoughts.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I loved your post and thanks for the mention! We are alot alike and it was fun to hear about where you blog from. I think it's interesting how I've been drawn to bloggers who are so similar to me in so many ways.

Kaybe said...

I'd do my blogging spot but one of the nieces just moved home into my office so it would be really embarrassing to show the world. I love your shell lamp with your Sanibel finds. Take good care.

PS - you have to read Crossroads by Paul Young. As a hospice chaplain you will really enjoy it.

Mrs A said...

It looks like a comfortable place to sit and blog/ knit / watch telly :) I have similar socks and love staying in my pj's !

Valspierssews said...

Lovely tour. It is good to blog, watch TV and craft all at the same time. Though sometimes I read my book and them I can only drink my tea and read. Love your purse from the other day. I hope you don't take offense but I had a bit of a chuckle over some of your doings for 2012. It is hard to keep up things on a regular basis. I was fascinated that you go fly fishing and to the shooting range.
I like the idea of a list. Must get one ready for next year.