Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making Space In My Life

I have a friend in California who I haven't seen in years, but I got a letter from her the other day.   Hearing from her triggered the memory of how she used to tell me that you couldn't pretend to yourself that you were ready to let a man back into your life until you could empty out half your closet space. Her theory was that, if you can't make physical space for someone, you certainly can't make the necessary emotional space.    [She couldn't, and ended up in a relationship with a woman instead where, according to her, the rules were different.   I have no idea how they worked it out, but they've been together for a decade or so.]

I thought about her idea this weekend when I was looking for something and realized that all three closets in all three of my bedrooms are stuffed full of my stuff. And so is my basement, and all my storage areas, and my garage, and my shed, and every nook and cranny of every nook and cranny.    Full of things I don't want and don't need and don't use.  

But let's focus on the closets for now.    There are clothes that date back to other times in my life, times no longer relevant today.   There are countless stretched out $8 t-shirts that my sister begs me not to wear.    I am convinced that a stranger could come in and take it all away and I wouldn't miss a thing, but for me to commit to get rid of it is another thing altogether.

There is no one who wants or needs my physical (or emotional) space at the moment, but that's my project this month, to see if I can reduce my stuff to one closet's worth, just as a sort of nudge to the Universe.    As they say in my meditation practice, I'll put my intention out there, and leave it to the Universe to work out the details.


spindelmaker said...

This is SO on my to-do-list! To clean out, sort and tidy up all my stuff, and especially my closets. Phew! What a job! I´ve been postponing it for so long! You´re such a good example! :-)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I cleaned out my closet last fall and OMG, what a huge difference.

Anything I haven't worn in a year got thrown into a pile and given to Good Will. I allowed myself to keep 3 things that I'll probably never wear again, but couldn't bear to part with. LOL!

Honey from the Bee said...

I've heard this will be very freeing! I definitely need to do this, too, as well as bookcases and piles of magazines. I'm curious about how just getting the intention out there works. For me I've not made it the next step and REALLY want to.

Barbara said...

It can be overwhelming to shed ourselves of so much stuff. I got on the bandwagon a couple of springs ago and managed to put a small dent in it. Freecycle is a great resource, and I loved giving things to people who really needed it.

Gayle said...

I wish I had closets of clothes. I have two pairs of pants and a couple t-shirts. I tell myself I'll lose weight some day....

Now other stuff. I've got lots of other stuff. Can't bear to let junk go because I might need it someday day. I cleaned out dozens of snowpants, coats, etc. that I kept around just in case. Sure enough the week after I did someone called and asked if I had some to borrow.

It will be good for you to get rid of clothes that haven't been worn in years or are worn out.... just take it easy. No need to rush... we're only closing out the first month of The Best Year Ever. :)