Friday, June 7, 2013

Busy Hands

I've been bored lately,  wishing I could be spending time with people who are otherwise occupied this week, so I've been trying to stay busy.   I've made 6 zipper pouches and 6 potholders so far to put away as gifts.

When I got bored with pouches and potholders, I bought a skein of loopy yarn, hoping that it would knit up into an interesting scarf, but the instructions called for a knotted scarf instead.   It took about 3 minutes to make and is kind of cute, although I'm not sure who will use it.    
I am, of course, still working on Morse Code.   I bought a new 'App" that plays quotations for me to de-code, and I love having access to a constant supply of new material without having to bother someone to send it to me.   But the App speeds are disappointing -- the slowest speed is 5 words per minute which, it turns out, is way too slow for me.  (Yay!)   But the next speed up is 12 words a minute which is, for sure, way too fast for me.    Frustrating!    But the work goes on.  :)

So I have been busying myself with busy work.   Hopefully my truly busy friends and family will get their more pressing tasks done soon so that I can spend some time with my Peeps again and stop trying to make happy hands out of my busy hands.  :)   The sun is shining, the weather is cool and pleasant, and I am ready for some fun!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I think it sounds like you're making some morse code progress!!

I'm spending my weekend going to yard sales on the Kentucky 400 miles yard sale event. We are having a blast!!

Barbara said...

Sounds like you are making good progress with your morse code. Good for you.

Jenny Watson Blogs said...

These quilts are looking amazing and also attractive and colorful thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.