Friday, September 20, 2013

September Is Flying By

Nothing remarkable is going on in my life and I suspect that's a good thing!    I am (slowly) getting the porch painted, at least as  high as I can reach on my step ladder, which turns out NOT to be high enough.    Going to have to think that one through for a little bit.
I've been noticing some cute license plates around town and thought they were worth sharing.   I've never had a vanity plate, or ever even considered one.   I am just not that clever!

One of the nice new nurses at work gave me a pear from her father's tree this week and, rather than wait til it was fully ripe, I sliced it, browned the slices in a pan,  sprinkled them with sugar and rosemary, and ate them for breakfast.    One of my favorite fruit treats! 

Another friend has a surprise 40th birthday party tonight.   Ah, to be 40 again, although I wouldn't want to be any younger than that!    He is a target shooting buddy, so I packed up bunch of bullets in a little candy jar.   I hope he likes it!   (I would!)
I also channelled my best preschool skills and made him a card.    I guess you can see why Hallmark hasn't called me in to work for them.   Better keep my day job.

I have a million studying, sewing and exercising projects on my list for the next month.    I hope I will do at least one or two of them.    I am not a very demanding person, of myself or anyone else, and sometimes my lackadaisical attitude ends of causing me a lot of last minute work.   I'm hoping the onset of cooler weather will inspire me to start checking things off that list!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I think your card is really clever.

Here's a vanity plate for you: dot dash


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Or you could do a vanity plate with your call numbers.

Emily said...

Pears sound just delicious; we are visiting my parents today who have two beautiful pear trees...! And the card is so clever. As for that blue paint, wow, I just love it. That's the colour I want to paint the window sills in our house: gorgeous! X

spindelmaker said...

You´re probably a lot more creative than you think! :-) And just so you know it, having a million plans, is a VERY good sign! :-)
Have a lovely rest of September!

PiperChristian said...

There are, I'm sure you're aware, amateur radio license plates available from the DMV. Myself and my husband each have one with our calls on them for our cars. :)