Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nearing Overload

I have been complaining about wanting something new to do, about needing to add something to my schedule, and claiming that the Universe would provide it.   Boy howdy, that Universe is always listening!   I opened my mouth once too often and ended up on a bunch of Search and Rescue projects this week.   I am not complaining, not really, although it certainly sounds like complaining when I say it out loud, but I am now on 2 sub-committees, in the middle of reviewing a bunch of lawyerly issues and documents, and planning the Christmas party to boot.    Too bad I can't afford to quit my job, because my hobbies could certainly fill my time!

This has been another busy weekend.   Yesterday was cold and rainy, but I worked an amateur radio station at the Boy Scouts Jamboree on the Air, letting scouts of all ages work the radio and contact other hams and scouts in a variety of places.   Our tent had four stations and between us we made contact all over the world, including many states, England, Italy, and Scotland.   At my stations kids talked to people as young as 3 years old (a little girl named Hope who did an amazing job!) and to adults who had been scouts 50 years ago.     Some of the scouts went absolutely nuts over it, and I expect to hear them on the air someday soon because they wanted all the information about how and where to get their license.   Others were more nervous about the whole process, but I won't be surprised to see them consider amateur radio somewhere down the line when they've grown out of their nerves.   Lots of fun for me, although it got mighty damp and chilly after 7 hours in our open tent!     Afterward, dinner and a movie with a friend, made it pretty much the perfect day, despite the weather.

Today was spent on another radio exercise,  an emergency drill in our local ARES group.   I got to work the digital Packet station for the first time, while also copying voice traffic, and that was a lot of fun, as new things generally are.   One of the guys offered to help me set up a Packet station at home which was good on several levels -- mostly because I'd like that, but also because I think this group is finally accepting that I'm planning to stay.  :-D

And now it's back to those many documents and a review of the dreaded legalise.    I thought I had packed my lawyer hat away forever, so it needs a little dusting off and I can't help but hope for rescue in the form of a better way to spend the afternoon.   But it has to be done, so I'll pull on my Big Girl panties and get to work.   

After that, barring a better offer, I'll put together a few more blocks of the baby quilt I started an embarrassingly long time ago.    The blocks have been done and spread on my craft room floor for almost six months -- it's a good think nobody's pregnant!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, filled with fun.  :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wow you have had a busy few days of it. Some of it sounds like fun.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You are always so busy. Hope you slow down and come by my site I have a surprise for you

Carrie P. said...

The time with the scouts sounds like a lot of fun.