Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where Have All The Trick-r-Treaters Gone?

My goodness, I have a lot of candy left!    Last year I ran out, so this year I guess I over-bought.    Our community specifies that trick or treating goes from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.   And although it had rained all day, it was warm and merely damp by evening.    Even so, there was no steady stream of children, just dibs and dabs all evening.   I started out giving one piece, but by 7:00 pm I was handing it out by the handsful.     I had every good kind of candy I could find, and what turned out to be my biggest temptation?    Laffy Taffy!   I gave away the Snickers and Reeses and Twix and ate bunches of that nasty artificial putty-textured stuff.    Yum.   My daughter in Louisiana is always thrilled when we have a low turn out up here, because the leftovers all get mailed down to her.   Except that she'll miss out of the Laffy Taffy because there isn't any of that left!
 The highlights this year?  Well, my grandchildren, of course.    But I also met a Prince Charming (I told him I've heard it all before and was no longer impressed), and a recent divorcee who repurposed her wedding gown (she showed me her wedding pictures) to symbolize her efforts to build a new life.     And one young couple, pushing a very little guy in a stroller, told me flat out that he couldn't have it but they were still hoping for some candy.   I gave them two handsful because I know that feeling well! 
Maybe cutest of all, one little boy spontaneously looked up at me (before I'd given him a thing) and declared to his daddy, "that is a very nice lady!"   Another child told me earnestly that some people do scary things on Halloween and he does not like that one bit and he was happy I was not scary.   I think I was probably wearing my Grandma Face, and it was nice to have it noticed.

My friend did more work on my house this week, to my delight.   I know he doesn't really have the time to spare, so it was especially sweet.  He put my basement sliding doors back on track so that I can hide the messes within.    And he added wire and created a place for my 2 meter  radio antenna to come into what will be my shack once I am done buying the equipment I need (with a cleverly inserted length of fishing line to pull up the coax for my second antenna when the time comes.   The 2 meter has already made a difference, because when I attached my HT and put out a call, I got responses on several frequencies, way more action than I usually scare  up!  :)    He also stayed for dinner, which was my favorite part of all.    Anyone who likes to cook and doesn't have anybody to cook for anymore knows exactly what I mean.  :)
This weekend is search and rescue training,  and I've somehow twisted my foot.   It hurts like heck to put weight on it, but my plan is to walk it out until it either gets better or bad enough to need treatment.   No sense babying it.    It will be interesting to see how my plan works out.    One thing I know, if I walk out with the group into the brush, I need to keep up until we get back.    No slackers allowed.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

We didn't get one single trick or treater at our house - it rained here all day. LOTS of candy left over for me and I always buy the kinds that I like too!

Hope you ankle feels better. Enjoy your weekend.

StitchinByTheLake said...

We only got three kids at our house - the church trunk 'n treat parties are a better bet these days - and that mean we had a lot of candy left too. Had. Mostly gone. :( blessings, marlene

Heidi said...

We have been in our home four years now and have never had one! I don't buy anymore :-( The really funny part is that our neighborhood decs out like no other - I have never seen so many Halloween lights and decorations. Hmm, so sad though.

Anonymous said...

We live on a cul-de-sac and don't get all that many ever, but there were some cuties this year. I don't know why I never thought to take pictures! There's no way I could eat laffy taffy now - it would pull out all my fillings. LOL But the chocolate - oh, yeah, ate that all up myself. =) What a nice friend to come over and hang your doors and help with antennas. Thanks for stopping by my blog during the blog hop!