Saturday, January 4, 2014

Early Days

The New Year is off to an interesting start.   "Stuff" at work has been filled with drama and ugliness, coworkers making verbal attacks and making it an uncomfortable place to be.  (I was called "snarky" by one, which disturbed me because I certainly don't want or mean to be that way - although Lord knows I can - but it brought out some supportive comments by friends that made me smile.   One said that the very idea of me being snarky "endeared" me even more to him, and I am still chuckling over that.   Another suggested that the accusation said more about that co worker than about me, but it is something I will try to be more aware of.   And I ask myself if this is the way the Universe will encourage me to move on from this job, since I tend to stay put wherever I am placed.)   

Yesterday my sister had unexpected knee surgery yesterday after her meniscus shredded itself in one of those unfortunate combinations of aging and a mis-step.   She is a lot braver than I am, but it is clear that she is suffering and I hate that.    But as a result, I am out of town and helping her for a few days, and although I wouldn't have chosen the circumstances, it does provide a nice excuse to get away from the stresses at work and have a little time to think.    And she stocked up on junk food, which I usually try to avoid, so I am indulging in the guilty pleasures such as 'salted caramel gelato' that I would never have brought into my own house!

I lost yet another target shooting contest last week.  Lately it seems like one of those things that I get worse at the more I do.    This time we competed for a home cooked meal, and since I lost,  I am mentally planning a menu.   I like to try new things and am toying with the idea of try a ceviche and a lobster soup of some kind, neither of which I've ever eaten or prepared.    I'll toss in a reliable old favorite, too, in case the new things are a bust, and of course plan a fabulous dessert, depending on what I can find in the stores.    I'm open to ideas, so bring them on!  :)

Meanwhile, since I am away from home and doing lots of nothing, I don't have much of interest to report.   A friend's daughter mentioned that she has never given her cat catnip, so I am making some little catnip mice to send her in the mail.   I brought the fabric bodies and the catnip, but forgot the cotton batting at home so photos will have to wait.   A friend of my sister saw the one I was working on and demanded one for herself, so I'll make a few.    I am supposed to go home tomorrow night, but a winter storm is predicted so I may be snowed in, and if I am I'll really regret not bringing more hobbies! 


sue in mexico mo said...

I got snowed in at my sisters two years ago. We had way too much fun for about three days. I wasn't able to leave until the fifth day . . .

PiperChristian said...

If your sister is anywhere in the SE lower part of the state, you're in trouble. I've been monitoring the weather reports coming from the NWS and nothing has changed in their forecasts. It seems the storm is continuing on the track they originally predicted (which means a foot of snow for me when all's said and done). At least you'll be snowed in with someone you like. :) Safe travels - when you're able to travel again - and stay warm!

Barbara said...

When I was working as a social worker, it always surprised me how unpleasant folks working in "helping professions" could be. It's as if they use up all their compassion and empathy in the work and have none left over for co-workers.

As for dessert, I made this for my family lastw week, and it was so easy and yummy. Besides, fruit is your friend:

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I don't know why, but it seems like people are nastier than usual lately.

Enjoy your time away and don't give it a second thought.