Friday, January 31, 2014

January NewFOs

I had hoped to get off to a BIG start of finishes this month, but I ended up true to form with not much done.    I did make and deliver several catnip mice, and the cats are clamoring for more as soon as I restock my tub of Nip.
 I finally hemmed a few napkins, because the ones I've been using are getting too shabby even for family dinners.
 I finished the first three potholders to give away next winter, but haven't quite gotten started on the next batch yet.
 I've been repeatedly covered in lint as I piece together the rows of squares for my baby/minky rag quilt.    This was be finished as soon as I can carve out a couple of solid hours to sew the squares all together.
 And I made my sister a leopard-print minky scarf.    I actually made it to give her next year, but it's so darned cold here that I couldn't wait!    This was quick and easy and she likes it so well that I plan to make several to put into my Christmas gift box.
Not as productive as most of my bloggy friends, but at least I can claim to have started and finished a few things in the new year.  :)


sue in mexico mo said...

Sounds to me like you have been busy! I had to goggle minky. I haven't been in a fabric store for a very long time. Might be time for me to check it out. :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I really like that print on the napkins. Reminds me of the
70's. The pot holders are adorable.

When I was sewing my squares together for my quilts I sometimes felt overwhelmed by how many there were to do. So I decided to stitch together just one row each day. I could easily do one row in less than 20 minutes and that's not too much time out of my day. Before I knew it - I was done!!

carla said...

Hi!!!! Great start!!!! I love the little mice!!! Very pretty potholders and scarf too!!!!

Donna said...

Catnip mice are all the rage at my house! By my calculations you were rather productive in January. Happy quilting.

Barbara said...

Love your catnip mice...and everything else too!

quiltzyx said...

The 'nip mice are fun! I might try my hand at some of those too.

Nice napkins. Do you use regular cotton? One or two layers? I made some with flannel & they are nice, but quite thick!

Cute potholders. Jump start for the gift box - smart lady!

Lots of fuzz from flannel & minkee I can imagine.

Dana Gaffney said...

Well, it looks pretty busy to me, I love the mice with the feather tails, I'm sure the combination drives them crazy.

Brown Family said...

I enjoy working with Minkee. Even though I get covered in lint, too.