Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Days

Nothing much is new.   Work, a funeral service to prepare every now and then, a new couple who wants me to marry them every so often, volunteering, occasional fun with friends and family, and crafts.    My life in a nutshell, and I'm not complaining.     

I started this winter by reminding myself, often as it turned out, that I like to shovel.    I have reminded myself of that every time it's snowed, which has been often.   I reminded myself of that again yesterday and today.    It's getting old.  Really, really old.      Some days I've shoveled several times.     It's a balmy 13 degrees today, with a wind chill dropping to below zero.   Oddly enough, though, I am not losing any weight.   In fact, come to think of it, I have gained several pounds.    Clearly there is a wrinkle in the universe.
When I am not shoveling,  I busy myself with useless projects as often as possible.     I have several lamps in my home that are filled with seashells that I gathered over the years.     Over a year ago I started working on filling a lamp with bullet casings since target shooting is one of my favorite hobbies.    Every time I shoot, I add a few but it's slow going since my .22 casings are pretty small.   Last month is was just over 1/3 full.   But a friend heard about my lamp a couple of weeks ago, and he brought me a bag of casings to add to mine.   He also polished all of the brass until it was shiny and bright.    And now my lamp is almost full!    His bullets are the bigger ones, not that size matters, right?    A few more trips to the range and my lamp should be fully full.   :)
I am working on a large variety of documents and ideas for the search and rescue group, but none of them are interesting enough to share.    Mostly I'm putting on my tattered old lawyer hat to dot i's and cross t's.    Yawn.  And yes, I am still plugging away at Morse Code, although, as with my weight, I seem to be going backwards.   Four months ago I was copying at about 10 words per minute, now I am a solid 7 1/2.    I blame lack of practice, or the snow, or climate change, or any other excuse anyone wants to suggest.
I bought myself a new present this week (I am SO good to me, no wonder I love me so much!)    I finally got a new HT, a submersible handheld radio.   It just arrived and is still charging.      If I like it, I might need to buy another right away, because I understand they are discontinuing this model.   Which gives you an idea of how long it takes me to make up my mind about something!   My old HT works fine but is bulky and not waterproof, so the new one should be a big improvement in the field.  And, for the one person who might find this interesting (73 there, Piper), I got the ampr names for the packet stations I hope someday to have.      It's a little like getting the driver before I get the car, but I am ever hopeful.  :)

So you can see that I'm doing a whole lot of nothing.   But I have big plans for tomorrow -- maybe I'll take a walk, and maybe I'll finish one of my sewing projects!    Right now, snuggled up in a blanket on the couch with my chex mix and my laptop, anything seems possible.   

Stay warm out there!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Those brass casings in the lamp base look cool. I wonder what else you could do with those?

Well, since I have no Janathon for February, I have already fallen off my exercise routine and didn't work out 3 days so far this month. Grrrr.....

Quilt n Queen said...

I'm not a winter person and can't wait for spring. There has been way too much snow this year and these old bones don't like these frigid temperatures. Hope you get some time to finish one of your sewing projects. Stay warm Gail!! Happy stitching, Pauline

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm sending a picture of your lamp on to my sister - she has many guns and loves to shoot so she will adore this! blessings, marlene

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

You mentioned in a comment on SSL you are from MI - nice to meet another Michigan blogger. I am now following your blog :-)

Carrie P. said...

this winter is a time to do a whole lot of nothing but maybe some sewing. we might get some snow this week.
interesting lamp!

PiperChristian said...

Congrats on the new HT, it's snazzy, and the packet names! Isn't it amazing how many different aspects there are to amateur radio? Have you looked into APRS to go along with your packet stations? I know some people who run APRS from their mobile rigs - it's super helpful when there's a severe weather net and we need to quickly locate someone (who's reporting directly to the MICON net, not through a county) and send them in certain directions to weather spot. 73s!