Thursday, January 7, 2016

Slowly, Slowly Getting My Groove Back

I am still having fun and still having trouble getting back on track diet and exercise-wise.    A friend of mine got one of those veggie-'noodle' cutters and said that she and her husband really enjoyed them so I ordered one this week.   Maybe lasagna with veggie "noodles" will be on my menu when it arrives!  And I think those bacon-wrapped dates will be my new "candy" indulgence.   They are made of actual food, not sugar or fake stuff, and are very sweet-tooth-satisfying.  Unfortunately, as is true for me with any "candy," I am prone to over-indulge, so I will need to make them just a few at a time.  I learned that lesson the hard way!   I can easily make a meal of them, but I guess it isn't as awful as some of the high-cal and bad for me meals I've had in the past.

I spent one day this week driving Way North to take my brother into the hospital for an out-patient procedure.  Everything went well and I had the chance to spend time with him.   We saw a bunch of deer - I had to stop to allow a group of four cross the road in front of me -- and I saw a huge bald eagle feeding just off the side of the road.    A lovely day for a drive and family time.
I have been wearing my favorite bracelet a lot lately, made for me by my friend Kim at Snug Harbor Bay -- she made it with my name and (amateur radio) call sign -- I like that it was made by hand and that there is no other like it -- and I like wearing it with my fitness band, it helps me remember the fun hobbies I have that make me want to be fit.  :)    Seriously, how cool that you can pick what you want your bracelet to say, whatever it is that inspires you  --  check out her etsy shop. 

I packed away my Christmas stuff, but I wasn't ready to give up the lights so I added these, both on timers, as permanent additions.     I filled one of my conch shells with little fiber optic lights and put up another magnetic flame candle.  I love my candles, all on timers.  It feels good to come home late at night to a house lit with twinkly lights and candles.

And, thinking of all the gifts I DIDN'T make this year, I ordered a couple of kits to start for next year's gifting.     I hope to get started on some crafting soon.   Right now I am enjoying watching some Netflix -- I'm working my way through the series Jessica Jones right now and enjoying it.  I am keen on sci-fi and fantasy.   A good way to spend a cold evening.  :)

I hope you are keeping warm and busy, wherever you are.

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Hi Gail - Thanks for the bracelet shout out. I'm so glad you like it.

I need to get back to blogging but it's been a slow start this year. I have too much on my plate. Hopefully soon.

Stay warm. xo