Friday, July 29, 2016

End of July

Another month has slipped through my fingers!   It's been a fun time, but moving way too fast.   It's really true what they say about this journey on the down-hill of life, time gathers speed as I go.   My darling granddaughter had a nasty scooter accident this month and banged herself up badly enough to force her to take things more slowly for a bit.  Of course I hate that for her, but the forced respite has given us time for her to practice making art on my fingernails.   She is quite the little artist in many modes, and she really got a kick this week out of using fingernails as her canvas.   Right now she is using a book as a tutorial, but it will be fun to see what she comes up with when she's gone through the index of owls and tennis shoes and koalas and penguins.

I finally (almost) finished my first bag; it just needs me to add the long strap and strap hardware.  I made so many mistakes on this bag; the pattern was so confusing that it was a very frustrating experience, and a miracle that it turned out as well as it did.    And with any luck at all, no one will know where the mistakes are except me . . . oh, and you, of course.     Seriously, SO many mistakes.  I botched the inner bindings, I forgot the end pockets, I cut off one of the double zipper pulls . . . it goes on and on.     And did I learn anything about slowing down and following directions?   Apparently not.  When I started to cut out the next attempt, I made my first goof with my first cut, so the bag will be smaller than the directions intended it to be.  Oh well, I will hack everything into place and live with the result. 
My honey is still out of town, probably for another week, but we talk almost daily and text and write letters . . .  and today he sent me flowers!   So very sweet.   It's been a long time since anyone sent me flowers, and I have never known anyone so thoughtful.    So far so good . . . and fingers crossed.  :)
The weather dropped more than 20 glorious degrees after raining the other day, from 93 to a perfect 68.  It has bounced back up again but only to the low 80s, perfect summer weather.  The lack of rain has kept my grass from growing much -- a good side effect -- and it has made my backyard birdbath a very popular place.   When I was filling it today one of the local squirrels came out to chat and with very clear 'hand' gestures he indicated that he would like me to get him some peanuts.   And then he waited patiently by the back door while I did exactly that.   Scary cute.

Summer is passing by way too quickly but it's been a good one here in my part of the world.   I hope you are having summer fun, too, wherever you are!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The flowers are beautiful - what a nice surprise.

The bag looks great. Reminds me of a Vera Bradley bag.

Have a great weekend.

Barbara said...

Well, your nails are fabulous, and so is your bag. Your honey sounds like a keeper. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed at this end too.