Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mid October

October is going by too quickly, although I try to slow it down by being mindful of the beautiful autumn weather and colorful fall leaves.  
It has been glorious here, chilly nights and sunny days, just perfect.   Sock weather, and I am always delighted when it is cool enough to wear some of my happy socks. :) 
My honey is out of town so I am sewing.   I should, by all rights, be cleaning my house which has metamorphosed into a hoarder's dump, but instead I am sewing.

As I am sure I have mentioned before, I am not much of a sewer, but I like the activity, it calms me (until I screw up) and I like making things.   I made a flimsy quilt top from a jelly roll that I didn't much like in the first place and decided to turn it into a throw, figuring that it would give me some practice and that I could donate it somewhere when it didn't turn out.   It started out as one of those marathon jelly quilts and then, when I hated it,  I cut it up into squares and sewed it again.   I finished it yesterday.   I don't know how to quilt, but I made the requisite 'sandwich' with a flannel faux-batting layer in between the top and a minky backing.   Then I sewed, not straight but straight-ish lines, back and forth, until it was pretty much covered.   I machine sewed a binding -- badly -- and I called it done.   It honestly turned out better than I had any reason to expect, although it would not dare to call itself a quilt.   It is a cozy throw, to be used by someone who doesn't know any better.  
I plan to do another throw in the same fashion, again using straight-ish line 'quilting' and a minky back.   And then maybe I will try making an actual quilt top and taking it to a longarm quilter to see what they can make of it.   That seems like cheating to me, but the conventional wisdom is that it's allowed, so I'll give it a try.
I have been busy, and not only with sewing, of course.    Our Search and Rescue group was called out last weekend to help in a search a little north of here.  Although it was not a happy outcome, it feels good to be able to help provide closure for families who are dealing with the terrible unknown.

And I have been cooking this week for my kids, which has also been fun.   When my guy is in town we pretty much get lost in just being together, and I treasure (and miss) that, but I love time with my family, too, and I haven't been doing a lot of cooking for them this year so it was long overdue.  Although I don't cook as often as I should, I do go to the Littles' swim lessons most every week  -- this week my grandson went off the high diving board for the first time, which amazes me, since I have never had the nerve to even jump in off the edge of the pool.   Thank goodness the Littles aren't major sissies like their grandma!
I also bought myself a sweet little gift from my friend Kim's Etsy shop; Kim is currently taking a bloggy break at Snug Harbor Bay, but she has been a bloggy friend for quite some time, and she is still active in her creative work on Etsy.  Kim made me a bracelet with a current favorite phrase of mine, "be the pig;" a reminder to myself to be a giver in my relationships, not the "chicken" in a bacon and egg breakfast who is able to give just a little and walk away.  It makes me laugh, but it is a nice reminder to myself that I need to be aware of my own part in making things work.  Kim makes custom bracelets of all kinds, and I wear my "pig" bracelet, as well as one with my amateur radio call sign, ALL time time!  :)   It's fun to be able to have (and give) something that is both reasonably priced AND truly personal, so I really appreciate that she does custom work!

Lots of Search and Rescue training and service activities coming up this weekend, including the annual Zombie Run -- hopefully I'll get a chance to enjoy the local ghouls while I'm helping out!  Nothing says October like a zombie apocalypse.     Hope you are all having fun!

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