Sunday, February 18, 2018

February Musings

February has been a mix of weather here, freezing cold one day and mild and sunny the next.   I am loving the sunshine, it makes temps in the 30s and low 40s feel like paradise.  But oh, how my  heart sinks when the next morning greets me again with snow and ice!

We celebrated Mardi Gras, as we always do, with a King Cake delivered directly from New Orleans.   I've ordered one every year since my son and his wife moved back to Michigan because my grandson was born in New Orleans.    If you buy a King Cake where they are made, they are already decorated.   But when they mail them north, the bakery sends along the white frosting and colored sugars because the decorated cakes do not travel well.   The kids love decorating the cake with the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold and seeing who will find the "baby" -- this year my granddaughter got it in the first slice!  Thank goodness they use a lot less sugar now that they are old enough to be aware of healthy choices -- when they were small, it was a challenge to keep them from sending us all into sugar shock!
Valentine's  Day is not my holiday, and it's a good thing because it never seems to work out the way I want it to!   My sweetie sent flowers, which was so sweet, but circumstances messed up our plan to have dinner together and that was disappointing.  Oh well, shake it off.  

Honestly, the best valentine's gift came from the husband of a friend who knows that I like to invite as much nature into my messy yard as possible.   He made me a bird feeder and included a supply of dried grubs.   I can't wait to see who turns up to eat them!   But . . . gag.

My 13-year-old grandson won local awards for his science project and we are looking forward to his move up to regionals.   His project, titled "Music sets the mood, " considered " the effect of key signature on the perception of music."  He won best in category for behavioral science and first place overall for life sciences.  He doesn't place a lot of expectations on himself but he enjoys the competition, the talks with the judges and the chance to talk to other kids with similar interests.   He also really likes dressing up in a suit and tie, which he does as often as the occasion even marginally permits.  But he had to admit, it was fun to win!   And you can barely imagine how proud I am of him.
I've done only a little sewing.   I made a little rag baby quilt for no particular reason other than that I had the flannel in my scrap pile.
I found a few yards of other fabric that I had planned to use for totes and have decided to use that for a quilt top as well, but I haven't started cutting yet.  I finally got my Victorian sampler framed,
and I bought a sign from Etsy that had a motto that I especially like.   I can be impulsive that way.
I hope things are warming up wherever you are and I'm hoping to see some real signs of spring soon here in Mid-Michigan!!


Barbara said...

Lots happening at your place. Lovely flowers, too bad about dinner. The bird feeder looks wonderful, but I'm with you gagging about the grubs. Some bird is going to love them, however. What an interesting science project! I love the idea. The pianist in me always chose certain music to match my mood. Minor keys for bluer moods, of course. Good for him for his win and for coming up with such an interesting project.

Marie Louise said...

I went to the website of the king cake. All the cake's there look yummie. It is a good thing I live too far away for ordering one.
I hope you have nice weather now. Here in the Netherlands there is a big buzz because it has been very cold the last few days (the news is even speaking how about "the russian bear"is entering the country, meaning polar cold and that is very rare) and now finally we can go iceskating again. Not for me though, I am too afraid to fall now.
I love the babyquilt, such pretty colours.
Enjoy your day, today