Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sewing and Stuff

My husband and I expected to break in the newest embroidery machine right away when he bought it in January, but life got out of hand, as it tends to do lately.   We did not set it up and turn it on until March 31, and 2 1/2 weeks later it is already in the repair shop with a long list of troubles.   This is never what you hope for, especially when you are buying the top of the line in anything.    I will be using the machine at an Anita Goodesign seminar this weekend and, if there are any problems then, I will be leaving it at the same shop for another week.   Bummer, I have a long list of projects in the line-up that I am eager to keep going, mostly from Sweet Pea designs.  They are well written and quite inexpensive for machine embroidery designs.  Although it's been hard to find time at the machine, I did manage to get a few projects and one pillow finished before I "lost" the machine, but I have several more that I'd like to get finished soon!

Meanwhile, my husband is going nuts with his serger, and has made nearly a dozen t-shirts out of fleece.  He didn't know that we don't make t-shirts out of fleece, so he did, just like he made countless pairs of socks out of fleece.   I wear the socks all the time because they are comfortable and have such fun patterns, and the t-shirts are also amazingly comfortable, and they wick moisture away; he's made a few a little longer so that I can wear them as nighties as the air is still very chilly at night and he prefers to sleep with the windows open.  

I like open windows, too, but a little later in the season.   It is supposed to go up to 70-F today, but snow is in the forecast for the weekend. 

Despite the forecast, the trees are starting to wake up, and it's a lovely time of year.  

Last weekend my three siblings and I (and my husband) spent an overnight in our childhood small town, where both brothers graduated from high school.  Our lodging, the Inn on Water Street, overlooks the St. Clair River, and it was fun to watch the local ducks and freighters again.  We lived on the river as kids, and used to be able to identify every smoke stack.  My oldest brother always loved the ducks, and has been making decoys since he was just a kid in high school.  I treasure the ones he's given me.

Off to do the day's errands.   We are going to look at an unlikely house that's for sale, and pick up ice cream for my step son's birthday tomorrow.   It is sunny for a change, so it will be a nice day to get out!


Marie Louise said...

It will be quite a sight to see:You both sitting at the dinertable, you with your embroideriemachine and your husband with the serger, at least that is the way I imagine it.
I like the fleece he has choosen for the garments. All he has to do now is making a skirt that goes with the tshirt and you are ready for the upcoming wedding.....
You have picked a lovely location for the weekend with your siblings and it is so nice that you can still be together and talk about your jointly past.
Good luck with the househunting!

Barbara said...

Sounds like things are settling down some if you’re both getting some sewing time in. Your talk of decoys made me think of a time I was taking pictures at a man-made “lake” in an RV park. I was thinking how cooperative this certain duck was being...sitting still and posing for the longest time. Then, I realized it was a decoy. Doh! I’ve been thinking of you because your state has been in the news lately. I heard some news about Michigan last night, and earlier, specifically about Saginaw, although I can’t remember what I heard about Saginaw. Something juicy, I’m sure.

gpc said...

Hi Marie Louise, since you are a no-reply blogger I can't respond to you directly . . . I like the idea of sitting with Jack at our machines. That was what we expected, too, but so far we are rarely there together. Fingers crossed it will happen soon! I hope your wishes for successful house hunting come true soon!
I suspect that it will be quite warm in Illinois for our wedding party so I hadn't considered fleece, but I bet Jack would love that idea. He can't resist buying it and has stacks of it ready to sew. He is working his way toward having a larger fabric stash than I have!
Yes, all four of us have fond memories of growing up on the river so it was really nice to be there, and of course really good to be together.

Marie Louise said...

OK, now I have to confess you that I don't understand your first sentence. I always get your reply via my gmail account.
but you can mail me on my personal account which is