Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I Love Surprises!

I thought my day was over but to my surprise, I had a sweet note and unexpected housewarming gift waiting in my 'new' mailbox!    What a lovely gift for me and my mister at the end of a busy day.  I'll need to find my iron, which is buried in the pile of moveable items  at one of the houses so I can give it a quick press before I hang it in a place of honor at the new house --but where?   The entry?  The kitchen?   The hall?   For sure someplace where I will see it many times every day,   Thank you so much for thinking of us, Barb, and for your kind wishes and your hours of work on this charming little quilt.  I love it.


And so,  I wrote this and then I fell asleep for 13 hours.     Good grief.   Lots to do today and it's nearly 9:00 am.  Time to get busy!


Marie Louise said...

That is a lovely gift. I am sure you find a suitable place for it.
Obviously you needed the sleep.13 hours..., I cannot remember the time that I slept more than 8 hours straight.
For this week:good luck with the move.

Barbara said...

So happy you like it. Good to break in your mailbox that way. Happy moving!