Saturday, August 22, 2020

Moving In and Moving Forward

Oh my gosh, after a year of living here,  my husband finally moved in!  Or at least, he finally moved his furniture in.   Since we had agreed that we would live with our existing furniture for at least six months before we decided what to replace or discard or do without, we are a little behind schedule, I think.  Jack teased me all week that now that he has "moved in,"   it is official now and too late for me to back out of the marriage.  I think we're both okay with that.  I worked hard this week to move furniture around and create a little order.  We have dressers -- finally -- for our clothing, and I was able to set up furniture in our 'family room.'  There is still lots to do, but we feel like we are finally making a little progress.  Best of all, I was able to do the work without re-injuring myself!

I got a little bit of sewing done this week.   My little bit included sewing through the tip of my finger -- again.   This time I missed the nail, though, so it was a more minor injury, but still makes me squeamish to even think about.   There is no excuse for it, especially since my "purple thang" sits right next to the machine for those times that I just have to smooth the fabric as I sew.  I know I will remember not to put my fingers near the needle as long as it remains sore, I just need to keep remembering after it is all healed!

We discovered a local grass-fed beef farm recently and since our freezer finally arrived after a year of trying to buy one, we bought a 1/4 side of beef this week.  Over 85 pounds of dressed meat; we don't expect to starve this winter, and I liked buying from a family farm.  Jack was so excited about it that he ordered a gas grill, which will be delivered mid week.  We are not accustomed to grilling so we started with a basic model, and will upgrade if we find we are using it a lot.  I also found a local farm that raises free range chickens and turkeys, and we will be trying those out soon.  I missed feeling comfortable enough to go to the farmers' market much this summer, so I need to watch for a couple of roadside stands, too, although that is difficult when I so rarely leave the house. 

My sister Marilyn is slowly recovering from the corona virus; she was moved to a rehabilitation facility this week. She will remain there in isolation until she is strong enough to return home and until after she has two negative Covid tests.  She was able to walk yesterday for the first time, a short walk in an adjacent hallway.  She has lost over 20 pounds in the past two weeks.  On the same day that Marilyn went into the ER, another close relative (not my daughter this time) overdosed on heroin.  They needed to use 3 narcan injections and CPR to resuscitate him.  After staying briefly in the hospital, he is currently in a different kind of rehabilitation facility.

The acorns are falling steadily and we are seeing deer more often out back.  Today it is sunny and warm, a beautiful day.  But winter is coming.

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Barbara said...

Oh my, I don't think I knew about your sister. Sounds like she's making progress. The heroin problem is troubling. I've read a couple of books about it recently (they just came up next in my library). The heartache is unimaginable. I'm so glad Jack has moved in. It all sounds like a happy life aside from the worries. Love your sewing projects. Very cute. I've never sewn through my finger (knock on wood), but I did graze it once. That's as close as I want to come.